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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Multiply things like that by 1000, I totally get why some people just have no patience for anyone anymore.
I kind of get what you mean. I was never trying to be rude to David or get him annoyed. I would only aggravate a situation if he was rude to me first and that was only sometimes. I certainly didn't insult him with stuff like "reading comprehension difficulties", a polite way of calling me a ret*rd since he isn't aware I'm dyslexic. I have social anxiety so I find it easier to approach people on the Internet than in real life. I did force myself to go talk to Lance Guest at Lf&CC this year. Didn't know what to expect. He's a really chillout out guy, easily distracted but very formal and chill. I didn't talk to him about The Last Starfighter, I talked to him about Jaws IV which led him to ask me questions about Jaws II. I kind of saw him get more distracted so I said goodbye and left but as you say you never know from person to person. I guess over social media it's more difficult to more difficult to put your true self across maybe therefore miscommunication is more possible?
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