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RISE and FALL - The countdown to cancellation.

We can't bet real money, so let's bet Pizza.

I'll wager three all dressed, and one 4 cheese and pepperoni it dies in May 2019.


Ante up with slices, or raise with whole pies.
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Random Punk
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So you’re saying 1 season? I say at least 3 full seasons.
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Yeah, one season seems a little short. Two seasons are pretty much expected for any cartoon. At least two or three seasons but not over eight. My guess is four or five.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Aw, come on, that ain't nice... even for this. And six months early.

Worst case scenario, I give it 3 seasons. Two to try to run out their initial main plan for it, and one to jump the shark if it wasn't working out too great.

If it was rock bottom boring I'd give it one, but the modern style that looks to aim to bombard the viewer with visual craziness, with city backgrounds akin to a manic candy store sugar rush, will probably help stave off boring-ness, at least for a while. (edit: Of course, now that causes me more concern about it... being visually flashy to get attention rather than earned attention via actual effort.)

Tell you what... At least run it long enough that they have time to come out with a cute figure I actually want to own, so I can have just one for prosperity (is that the right word...) sake.

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The show hasn't even started yet and we already got a 2nd thread on how long will this show will last.
My heart!!!! One of my favourite moments.

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Don't you guys ever get bored of hating on a show before it even airs? At least wait till you see what it's like before speculating doom and gloom.
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