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Once back in my young 20s I'd skipped classes (college) and stayed home sick. Cold meds as tablets that dissolve in your mouth were a semi-newish thing and we had a pack of them, so at some point I'd decided I'd try those out, go grab some clean clothes I had in the dryer, then go take a long hot shower. I can only assume I had some kind of reaction to those meds as very soon after taking them, while headed to the basement (to the dryer), I'd started feeling a bit funny in the head. By the time I was coming back up the basement steps I was getting rather dizzy. And by the time I got back to the living room, where I'd been spending the day on the sofa, I was so dizzy that I just had to put my clothes aside and lay back down. Best I could think was to just try to sleep it off. I did feel better later (albeit still sick with a bad cold) after the meds had worn off.

Later on my sister came home from high school telling me about some incident in a science class in which a few friends were a bit concerned and were asking her if she felt okay because apparently her color was a bit funny and her lips looked a little blue...

She felt entirely fine. And apparently whatever it was went away because she looked normal when she got home. But after telling me about it, the timing of that incident kind of coincided roughly around the same time of day I'd had that weird dizzy spell. So... strange coincidence? Or one of those weird family connection things...? I mean, I'm kind of skeptical of such things, but given the timing and that she felt entirely fine... I dunno.
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My own school story, taking place in high school.

In a gym class one day, we were doing an activity with those little scooters (you know the ones!). I think it was a relay game that involved one person sitting on the scooter with another pushing from behind. I don't entirely remember it because of what happened to me.

There was a tendency to lose momentum, so people often fell off the scooters. When it came to my time, I started to feel the speed, so I slammed my feet down hard and ended up launching myself off the scooter.

Which is where the great part happens. Most people just sort of fell on the ground, but I ended up sailing a short distance.
Right over a guy who had already fallen off his. For the brief second I was in the air, I feared I would land on him, but was lucky to just miss him and landed knees-first. I got a little bit of a rub on the skin, but I was okay.

The class was in hysterics - and so was I when I could grasp what happened. Unfortunately, no one had filmed the event.

But as funny as the classes perspective, there was no capturing my memory of the guy's terror as I flew over him. And I'm sure he had his perspective of me flying over him.
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