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While I was browsing YouTube, I found this Next Mutation sticker pack. It's got some really cool 2D art of the main characters and even some of the villains in it.

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I'm bringing back my old Tumblr for the sake of posting cool/rare stuff, some of which my own, if anyone wants to follow:

Scanned these cool Mello Smello stickers I have from 1990. The art for all but the bottom two was done by Scott Rolfs (who is a cool dude I got to be acquainted with via an art show we both took part in before even knowing he had any official connection to TMNT!).
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Japanese Game Cards

Here's some high res scans of the Japanese game cards based off the Mutations toy line. luzmagica posted a few photos years ago, and now we know there were at least 9 cards in the set (I'm missing Raphael; #2).

Here are all the reverse sides, but I'm still trying to get decent scans of the lenticular fronts:


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Those are soooo cool, wow! The official Japanese art for TMNT goods is by far my favorite of the marketing styles. Imagine if we had gotten an anime in that style!

Here's some villains from a UK card game:
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