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State of Star Wars and Disney

Apparently Bob Iger got vetoed a pay raise by share holders.

yet, if you believe some message board share holders, 'everything is aces, no need to worry!'

So, what's really going on here?
'Wrong, April. We've Been upgraded to Women hating TROLLS'
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Raph the Big Bro
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I don't care about internal politics, let them handle their own mess.

Ready for TMNT in Injustice 2?
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What the hell is the point of this thread? Vegita-san should go make himself a twitter or tumblr or blog or something where he can post his daily rants about Disney or Star Wars or women.
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I will take Vegita San blames this on SJW's or Women for 400 Alex

I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.
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