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April Fools Jokes that you have fallen for.

Thought this was a fitting thread title considering what day it is.

What are some April Fools Jokes that have caught you off guard?

Me in particular, I don't usually fall for them, but one today caught me so off guard so badly that its actually disappointing

You see, there's this Youtuber I love to watch called "False Swipe Gaming" who makes videos about the history of Pokemon in competitive play. Since Day 1 of watching him, I have always wanted him to do a favourite Pokemon of mine, Mewtwo.

Upon waking up today, I checked my email to see that he had uploaded a video analyzing the history of Mewtwo in competitive play. It looked completely legit, with a thumbnail and the first minute of the video discussing the topic at hand. I never clicked faster in my life, having been anticipating this video for so long.

Since it was April the 2nd where I live, I let my guard down completely and when the video turned out to be an April Fools Joke, I was flabbergasted to say the least

Here's the April Fools video I fell for in question:

Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The biggest villains were the censors. What they could do without being held back is my question. Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building. I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue. Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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A few of devianART's pranks.

Namely the "program reads your mind and draws what you're thinking of." I still got a pretty cool result from the deviantART mura program, though

And of course, the infamous "i herd u liek mudkips" event. Oh, the Mudkips event...

I spent a few minutes thinking someone had actually hacked into the site and changed all the avatars for a laugh, until I noticed the date.
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