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Peter Palmer
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
When did they start wearing longer bandanas in the original TMNT comics?
There's not really anything story-wise that causes the bandanas to get longer. It's more of an artistic choice.

In the first 4 issues, they are pretty short. They get progressively longer from 5 on. They are pretty long in issue #9, but that's a flashback story, further illustrating that there's no in-universe rhyme or reason to it.

Issue 12 was done by Laird and issue 14 was done by Eastman. In both, the bandanas were pretty long. It seems by this point they had both adopted the longer bandana as the new standard. Dooney did the first guest issue with 13 and he tends to draw them pretty long. From that point on, most artists from the Mirage run drew them with long bandanas.
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Originally Posted by Lil Karai View Post
Questions! Last year I bought IDW digital bundles on Comixology that carried me up to issue #50. Wondering if there are any current digital bundles that carry on from that point? Looking for the cheapest way to get up to the current issue (digital preferred).

Thanks in advance.
that comixology bundle deal last year was the only time i've ever seen them do a bundle since.

the single issues drop to $1.99 each after a month from release.
that might be a good option to get caught up?
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