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Originally Posted by Powder View Post

Can someone give me an exact episode list for each disc given one of the duplicates was allegedly removed? If I can get that I will flex my graphic design skills to make us an insert for inside the DVD to let you know what eps are on what discs and such. You could then get it printed up at Walgreens or something.
Disc 1:
Beneath these streets
Turtles on trial
Attack of the 50 foot irma
The maltese hamster
The old switcheroo
Burnes blues
The fifth turtle
Enter the rat king
Turtles at the earths core
April fool
Attack of the big macc

Disc 2
The ninja sword of nowhere
20,000 leaks under the sea
Take me to your leader
Four musketurtles
Turtles, turtles, everywhere
Cowabunga shredhead
Invasion of the turtles snatchers
Camera bugged
Green with jealousy
Return of the fly
Casey jones outlaw hero
Mutagen monster

Disc 3
Corporate raiders from dimension x
Pizza by the shred
Super bebop and mighty rocksteady
Beware the lotus
Blast from the past
Leatherhead!terror of the swamp
Michaelangelos birthday
Usagi yojimbo
Case of the hot kimono
Usagi come home
The making of metalhead
Leatherhead meets the ratking

Disc 4
The turtle terminator
The great boldini
The missing map
The gangs all here
The grybyx
Mister ogg goes to town
Bye bye fly
The big rip off
The big break in
The big blow out
Plan six from outer space.
^TMNT Stopmotions.
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