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Andrew NDB
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"City at War" is about many things. It is about the power vacuum left in the Foot in the wake of the death of the Shredder, the Elite still loyal to his memory and Karai and the Japan Foot coming to sort them out. It is about Splinter learning new ways and discovering the truth of life. It is about the Turtles questioning their purpose in the world with their sworn adversary dead and gone, which had been their ultimate goal since their mutation. It is about the circle of vengeance, how it is unhealthy and how it can end. It is about Casey finding his way after murdering a kid, then becoming a father. It is about April finding her way, too, with an uncertain future and upon the death of her father. By the end, all of these different stories coalesce and it is like a new beginning for all of the characters, a fresh start, both in mind/soul and literally.

What it is not about is a bunch of toy-shilling nonsense and 10 warring factions and magic and sorcery and other hijinks.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post

What it is not about is a bunch of toy-shilling nonsense and 10 warring factions and magic and sorcery and other hijinks.
In the slight defense of what was a pretty poorly handeled adaptation, it did at least serve the function of introducing a new major character and it's almost too short to be that offensive.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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I always wanted to see an adaptation of The River and Issue #17 where Mike writes his samurai novel.
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