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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Eventually, maybe. But them being in the next (rebooted) movie would be like if Nolan had made Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy the villains of Batman Begins... ass backwards.

Bebop and Rocksteady are quintessentially stupid, created for stupid lowbrow laughs and plus so Playmates could sell a rhino and warthog toy next to the Turtles. I don't mean stupid as in, "What dumb characters they are," I mean stupid is their whole schtick. That's what they trade on, and their "look." You know, just putzing around, occasionally mumbling about "da toitles" while they fall down and hurt themselves. Doing them "well," you'd have to stick with that. Making them into super serious, dangerous muscle killers or something... you CAN do that, but #1: That is emphatically NOT who they are or what they're about, you are now actively warping them to be something else and if you ARE going to do that, then... #2: Why use them at all? Just raw nostalgia for the toys or Fred Wolf cartoon? That's not an answer and that's not good enough, and by this point Fred Wolf has had more than enough "nods." Enough for a lifetime.
Ah, okay. Yeah, they definitely shouldn't (and probably won't... barring further hacks like Bay running the cinematic arm of the franchise) appear in the initial reboot.

As far as "if we change them in new iterations, what's the point", why SHOULDN'T characters be improved and revamped? Hell, there's NOTHING good in the Fred Wolf cartoon EXCEPT initial concepts: Technodrome, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, Slash, etc.

Hundreds of characters and stories get improved all the time. To your example, Mister Freeze was just a dumb ice-themed villain until Batman TAS improved the character and rebranded him as a tragic figure trying to cure his terminally ill wife.
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