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The Great Saiyaman
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What I love about Super Robo Mecha Force Five is that they lampooned everything associated with how badly dubbed those eighties and nineties anime series were.

- Censored to an extreme degree (Taking Dragon Ball Z as an example, in the Great Saiyaman saga, there's an episode in which Gohan stops a bank robbery. In the Censored version they actually removed ALL OF THE GUNS from that scene)
- The lips not moving with what is actually being said.
- Lackluster performances by the voice cast
- The script writers NOT putting in any effort to properly translate the dialog. (Again a scene from Dragon Ball Z. During the world tournament sage, Goten and Trunks are doing their match in the Junior division. Goten launches his father's signature attack the "Kamehameha" but mispronounces the name. In the dubbed version they had him say it correctly which removed that joke, why?)

This is a clip from Sailor Moon which shows the same scene in the Dub version and the original Japanese version. It shows where SRMFF got its tropes from.
- Lackluster performances. Listen how BORED those American voices sound and how Stuck up Usagi sounds.
- Script writers not putting in any effort. What's the deal with "I made it all up!" why not put in a joke about Usagi's hand writing instead?

So yeah, I totally got what they were going for with Super Robo Mecha Force Five
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