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If you could make AMVs for the couples in TMNT 2012, what songs and why?

What I loved about the 2012 series is how convincingly "Teenage" the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles were and it also showed in them getting awkward around girls as real teenage boys are. (As I myself used to be when I was a teenager.)

So, I figured it to be fun to start a thread in which we talk about songs which fit the couples from the series the best and imagine how AMV's would be.

First up, Donatello and April "Apritello"

Well, even before this very scene and April telling him "You're MY mutant!" it was very clear that those two would end up being together and that pretty much from the beginning April felt the same for Donnie as he did for her. Because:
- She never spoke up when he clumsily, or unintentionally admitted his feelings within her earshot.
- She doesn't insult or ridicule him when he makes a fool of himself trying to get her attention.
- Her T-Pod has a picture of him with a cute nickname "Donnie-boy" with all kinds of hearts, teddy bears and the likes surrounding his picture.

So the perfect song for them would be "Head over Feet" by Alanis Morissette, which lyric-wise is about a girl telling the guy "Stop making a fool of yourself, you don't need to try so hard, you've already won me over."

Next up, Leonardo and Karai "Leorai"

As soon as Karai appeared in "New girl in town" the series had its very own Catwoman to Leo's Batman. That their attraction was mutual and not just coming from Leo can be seen in the fact that Karai is skilled enough to have taken Leo down plenty of times before and would have done so if she didn't enjoy being around him even if it were only to have him fighting her. Their flirtatious verbal jabs at each other are straight out of the vocabulary of an old married couple.
- Seems like I'm making a habit of saving you lately.
- If only you could have arrived five minutes earlier!

- SERIOUSLY? Raph has the hots for a big newt?
- Yeah really, he does have some weird taste. (Nudging her to remind her of the fact that she's with a turtle and shouldn't be calling the kettle black.)

- Haha, you're adorable, stupid but adorable!
- (Realizing she used the A-word) Wait do you really think I'm...

So their song would be "Generator" by The Foo Fighters, since they constantly spark each other on, igniting the best in the other. Also the line "Steal me now and forever, I'll steal something good for you, The criminal in me is no-one new." fits the scene in which Karai tries Leo to go ahead and steal that sword, so well.

Raphael and Mona Lisa

What I love about this couple is that the roles are reversed: Raph is known to be a brawler and is pretty much a manly man but whenever he's with Mona, it becomes clear that he DOES have a feminine side and is pretty much the girlfriend in this relationship with Mona being the boyfriend. I've seen fanart which depict them being wedded with her wearing the Tuxedo and him wearing the gown, it captures their relationship pretty well.

So I have two songs which would fit them, the first is "Girl from Mars" by Ash. Coming from the fact that Mona is indeed a girl from outer space and as the lyrics say, Raph never learned her true name.

But it is the second suggestion which actually fits their relationship better: "If I was your girlfriend" by Prince. Which is about a guy trying to imagine how his relationship would be if switched the roles of Boyfriend-Girlfriend around.

Michelangelo and Renet.

As Happy-go-lucky as Mikey usually is, as jealous and possessive he becomes as Renet pays attention to his brothers. Pretty much that all consuming confusion and anxiety which comes with having your first real crush. The fact that Renet is a very buxom young woman also is key to kicking Mikey's hormones into overdrive. Much like April with Donnie is though, Renet knows how to keep Mikey in check and also knows that because of the both of them being rather zany, they'd be perfect together.

So my choice of song for them would be "You can call me Al" by Paul Simon. Now this song actually is about a guy having a midlife crisis: he's in his forties and what has he got to show for it? He's not married, isn't really all that successful in life and is afraid of modern day life as its constantly pulling him into directions he doesn't want to go. But the lyrics also apply to a teenager and their confusion at "Who am I?", "How did I get here?", "How can I measure up to all of the others?" And in the chorus it's basically the protagonist meeting a woman and telling her "If I can make an alliance with you, we can face those fears together."

And then there's that final verse of the guy and his woman walking in a strange world, he doesn't speak the language, it's all completely alien to him but he loves it and with his woman by his side they're going to explore that strange world together. Pretty much what Renet and Mikey were doing.
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The Great Saiyaman
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Here's some suggestions for the couples where it didn't go according to plan.

Casey Jones and April "Capril"

Well, those two ended up pretty much in a Brother-sister relationship, with her being the older sister. You can see it happening from the third season on. Casey's attempts to flirt with her all but vanish and in the "It came from the woods" episode he tells her that she became "As cold as ice", In "Spirit Quest" when he pulls her close and goes "It looks like it's going to be you and me, Red!" she looks at him with a "Keep your hands to yourself!" look in her eyes. With the final closing being in "Serpent hunt" when April says that the Pizza place which has become their refuge is a little "Too cramped for my taste." at which she and Casey exchange a look and then look away.

So my song for them would be "Tunnel of love" by Dire straits
Which is a song about two people who find an attraction to the other but quickly find out that they differ too much to have it work out. The guy then realizes he could have caught up with her but decides to honor her wishes and walks away.

Splinter and Tang Shen

Sometimes life throws you a curveball which completely sends you in a different direction: Splinter had it all, a family, a wonderful loving wife, a beautiful daughter and he lost it all thanks to jealously from Shredder who wanted what Splinter had.

So my song for them would be "Sometimes it snows in April" by Prince, which is about losing somebody after they had been through something very difficult. And finding peace in the knowledge that they will see that person again in the afterlife.

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Funny how the last one you think of is the only official couple in the entire show.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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