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Originally Posted by Sophie Campbell View Post
But I'm being paid to hog the toys.
I knew it. That's why there's no IDW action figures. You're keeping them all to yourself.
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Originally Posted by Sophie Campbell View Post
If I went whole hog I would've just made everyone super gay or something.
Yes. Do that. Make a turtle Gay. Make it Raph, with his frustrations of being closeted the real reason for his anger issues.

Go on. Grab headlines. Push the boundaries. What fun.

OKAY, okay, I admit it, I'm being way too tough. I'm not nearly as right leaning as this exchange has suggested. If Raph was gay, it wouldn't make any difference to me or most people. Maybe it should be Mike. Maybe both. She-ra is gay, Harley is gay, Batman is gay, Wodnerwoman is gay, at this point all fictional characters are gay.

It's fine. It's your sandbox right now, build any castles you want. If the ship is sinking anyway, it doesn't really matter what happens at this point, plus it is the kind of salacious headline that would sell a BUNCH of books.
Originally Posted by italianice388 View Post
Do me a favor and try to turn your face without turning your neck. There is no "face turn". Your face/head does not move. Your neck does.

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Well, Sophie's back to work. I guess the subject of the thread is moot.

Goodnight, everybody.

"Clearly, you're Ninja Turtling incorrectly." - Leo656
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