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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
True. As far as I could tell, E&L at least knew the family name came first.

Though, if Krang was addressing Shredder on a "personal name" basis in the first season, someone had to know and then the ball got dropped.
Or maybe they felt the joke would get old and annoying fast if Krang just kept calling him "Saki" in every episode.

I loved how Shredder's mother called him Oroku and was like "right..." when he said "mom, I am the Shredder!"
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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I kind of doubt Shredder helped Krang build the Technodrome, Krang pretty much stole it by that point didn't he? Shredder was more a companion or passenger in the early days.

Well, he did build the body for him, and the Foot bots were "his" as well. So he clearly had some sort of knowledge of technology and engineering, in addition to being a ninja. IIRC, he had some chemistry training, too. So it's not impossible that he might have helped build the Technodrome itself after he met Krang. He didn't have access to such tech in Japan, so he must have met Krang sometime after coming to America. (But probably before he learned Yoshi was in NYC.) Krang gave him access to Dimension X technology, but that doesn't mean he didnt help physically build some of it- or probably most of it, given Krang's lack of a body/hands.

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
I don't think that's how it intended to be, since Splinter was very confused about Shredder suddenly getting so much technology compared to how it was in Japan.

However, I also think Krang came to Earth around that time or earlier. But not interacting with Shredder until later.

That's exactly the point though. Shredder didn't have it in Japan, but once he came to the US, he suddenly had all that new tech, which seems to indicate that that was where he met Krang- presumably before he even discovered Yoshi was living in the NY sewers. In any case, it makes more sense than meeting in Japan, as there is absolutely no mention of the Technodrome ever having been there. Splinter was confused because Shredder didn't have that kind of power when he had last seen him. So it must have been several years, at least.
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