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I tried replying to this post a few times, before realizing how hard it was for me to choose. The Mirage-era TMNT artists hold an immeasurable weight of nostalgia for me. I can't help but feel fuzzy when I look back on Dooney, Farley, Lawson, etc.

I also think Dan Duncan and Mateus have brought new, fresh, iconic looks to the TMNT since IDW has been around.

Since it's so hard for me to choose, my safe choice is Kevin Eastman and Peter Lair in sync. They created the look and owned it well.

I'll also give a shout out to the artist (name escapes me) who worked on the Fred Wolf-era TMNT toy packaging. Another truly iconic and fun look for the TMNT. The toy packaging back then had an attitude all it's own, and could stand to carry a little more influence on today's TMNT, when it comes to the colorful, whacky side of the franchise.
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