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Favorite TMNT artists?

Hello everybody I wanted to ask all of you which TMNT artists are your favorite. Now these people can have worked on any Turltes comic incarnation be it Mirage, IDW, Image or Archie and so on. I don't want to give you a set amount but if you want to do a top 3, 5 or even 10 then go for it. I guess you can also post some pictures if you feel like it. The artists don't have to be in any specific order. Here are some of my favorite artists in no particular order.

- Ben Bates
- Mateus Santolouco
- Sophie Campbell
- Eastman/Laird
- Jim Lawson
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Dooney's pretty good, really like Bates as well. I don't quite think Zulli's realistic style is a good match for TMNT but he is an excellent artist regardless. I have a bit of a soft spot for Mark Martin, even if the actual comic he made is crap. Sakai is another one I like, nice cartoony style. I don't know if Dave Sim counts but he's pretty damn good in general.

There are plenty of artists I could bring up, these are just a few.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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It'd be easier to say who I don't like. The list of those whose work I was not too keen on would be very small.

With Mirage, almost everybody's stuff is iconic in one way or another, so it's kinda like they're all my favorite at the same time. Some are known mostly for covers or product design more than interiors, so you've got a lot of variables which can change your preferences based on the context. I'll try to narrow things down to top 3's though.


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Maybe its just my nostalgia, but my favourite artists are Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman themselves for their art in Volume 1.
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The biggest villains were the censors. What they could do without being held back is my question. Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building. I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue. Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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Michael Dooney in his prime always had the best Turtles. I don't know what it was, but he makes them look so strong and cool looking. They were basically my idealized look of the Turtles when I was a young teenager. No cartoon has ever been able to replicate that look either, not even the 2k3 series.
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No certain order and way to many to list but this is some...Lawson, Brown, Lavigne, Laird, Smith, Bates
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