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Originally Posted by Lethal Lullaby View Post
How about Shredder purposely let's out a virus/bug/illness that's transmitted by entering the body through a bite, and/or an open flesh wound. Side effects in the following order would include: Hallucinations,* random spasms/twitching, fatigue, unusual cravings (Starts off with weird combinations of food, then gradually becomes a flesh craving.), and eventually loss of basic human emotions. After getting a decent amount of citizens infected, Shredder could claim to the rest of the city that he'll give them a 'cure.' (He doesn't really have one, so later when they realize Donnie may have to rush to make one.) On one condition: They have to either kill, or bring to him the turtles and probably their friends too. It sets the whole city in a mode of panic with people being infected, and more keeping a careful watch out for the turtles and their friends. To add more tragedy/drama we could say that some of the people, which the turtles are friends with are infected as well. Those characters would depend on what series we do this in.

I know you said simple, but how's that, E? Sorry if it's a mess. ^^;
Plot sounds fine! By simple I just meant in New York, not creating new villain organizations, with an easy plot for everyone to kind of play around with.
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