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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I understand your point and I tend to go into sequels with this in mind, I'll use Jurassic Park as an example. The first movie hits a bunch of themes and it just doesn't lend to a sequel that can outdo the first film. But for those of us who loved the idea of having a world where dinosaurs exist in this island, we want to know more stories of what's happening in this world even if plot wise it can never outmatch the original. I enjoy The Lost World, /// and JW for what they are, fun dinosaur action but I know none of those films will be better.

More sequels to a story that don't necessarily compromise characters or ideas excessively are fine. Take TMNT III for example, it's not a great movie and has the turtles acting silly but you can ignore it easily and if they had made a TMNT 4 it would've been fine.
Ya those are good examples. LW and 3 are just ok. They’re pretty basic Dino island movies but nothing significant happens that new ones need to account for other than mentioning them. I really like JW though. I think it’s the best JP sequel so far.

The point in the OP is more of a series of movies that has messed up characters for so long that no matter what they do in a sequel they can't fix it or that they've tried rebooting the idea so many times and keep failing that you just don't care to check out that franchise anymore.
Well for me I never lose interest in a favorite movie series. I still get excited to see what they do next or how they handle something that was poorly received. I mean that’s just me. I never find myself thinking...”oh no not again”.

Damn, now I feel inclined to watch the Home Alone sequels. I will forever love 1 and 2 even if it's basically the same movie.

HA3 came out when I was a bit older so I didn't care to check it out since there were other movies I'd rather ask for but counting it came out in the 90s I think I may find it entertaining even if only nostalgia of the way the movie is.

Isn't HA4 a reboot? HA 5 I also hadn't heard about and I remember looking the wikipedia of the Home Alone franchise maybe 2 years ago or so when I re-watched the first two films.
I recommend watching 3 and 5. They’re nothing special but they’re entertaining at least for one watch imo.

4 uses the Kevin, his dad and Marv characters again (with different actors obviously) but it’s just not creative at all. The plot and the House had potential but they never take advantage of it. If you watch it you’ll understand.
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Transformers, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Terminator, Alien, and Star Wars.
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Police Academy. I was with them up until 7...

But seriously, if you mean the impossibility of a property continuing in a way that I would find satisfying; there are a few, but not very many that I'm all that cut up about. I can't think of any that have been keelhauled so badly that I can't still enjoy the entries that I like.

I'm an 'I like what I like' kind of guy.
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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Isn't HA4 a reboot?
Nothing I've read makes me think that it is...

Apparently the whole movie is on Youtube here:

HA 5 I also hadn't heard about and I remember looking the wikipedia of the Home Alone franchise maybe 2 years ago or so when I re-watched the first two films.
Apparently 5, like 3, is another completely unrelated family. The true Home Alone trilogy is 1, 2, 4!
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