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Old 02-11-2020, 11:54 AM   #81
Team Blue Boy
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In a dream last night I seemed to have watched part of a movie, and in the movie there was a family who had a cheese mine/cave. Yup. Much like how rock can have bands of certain minerals that run through it... it was literally a wide, rough band of orange colored cheddar cheese in the walls of this short cave. This was apparently another source of how people get cheese, not just from cows.

Of course, a later part of it also had me in the bathroom and apparently a ghost was responding/trying to interact using a bath toy sitting on the side of the tub. First I'd heard it make a noise that got my attention, but like it was a toy with recorded sounds (and seemingly set off on it's own), not a squeaky toy. On request it did it again... levitated... then asking if it was a ghost, requested that the toy be knocked off onto the floor and ended up at my feet some distance away.

Because these are definitely the normal dreams of someone who was quite tired, yet restless, uncomfortable, and unable to go to sleep until around 3:30am... The cheese mine/cave was kinda cool though. lol
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Old 02-22-2020, 01:44 AM   #82
Mad Scientist
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I think my brain has been trying to off load crap these past two nights.

One night a guy suddenly taking the place of his partner (involuntarily) to give birth, like right there his belly just grew to size, then when everyone wondered how the baby would be coming out, his bottom half vanished and was replaced.. very traumatised person there, staggering about and freaking out. After the Drs took him away I was cleaning up...quite ugly dolls from off the floor, they were supposed to have replaced barbies youngest sister... after that I needed to eat so I was getting tons of junk food (that I have never even seen in real life) like I had my arms full and was going to eat it all ….all the while walking around in a cowboy hat.

Last night I am in a storm ridden holiday resort years in the past, like aggressive storms raising from the sea and people were lying on the beech trying to catch the bits of sun in-between, I have a lion walking next to me on two legs, occasionally looking at me to make sure it still had my attention... it was trying to fit in with the people by copying them.

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Old 02-25-2020, 04:07 PM   #83
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I had a dream last night where I suddenly owned a shower the shape and size of a hallway.
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Old 02-25-2020, 06:05 PM   #84
Team Blue Boy
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A couple nights ago I found a 2003 TMNT themed board game in a store...amid a lot of other stuff in a rather long dream that I can't even describe. Mostly it was the game that stuck in my memory for some reason.

4/13 -- Speaking of TMNT dreams... You know this coronavirus stuff is becoming a present way of life when somewhere in your dream (I think it was vaguely supposed to be a school) you see a painted image of 2003 Leo, much like any image of him...but wearing a surgical mask.

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Old 05-03-2020, 02:52 AM   #85
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Lately I was sort of short on a weird dreams, but today I finally got one and boy, was it probably one of the oddest things I've seen in the night.

Part 1 - Mental Asylum.
So, it started with me in a cell in a mental hospital. For some reason I had some other people living with me, two were pleasant people, who mostly played card games and chess, other two were stinky obnoxious drunk hobos. At some point the doctor came and said that they plan to make my cell a resting place for crusaders (real ones, not psychos) and make a hole in the roof of the cell so they could get some sunlight. I've objected to it, but dream ended up here and the new one have started...

Part 2 - Rise of the Skywalker (dub step edition)..
It starts with some fat guy talking how he hated Rise of the Skywlakers and how the movie was one of the worst thing ever. To prove it he decides to show some clips of it...

...and now I am on the spaceship of the Empire from the Star Wars. It looks like a giant mall, with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. There are bunch of people hanging on around - imperial officers, some aliens, dark side users - a very lively place.

I am near the counter which is controlled by the imperial officer. Behind him is a giant black capsule, which contains Yoda (!!). Apparently he is suspended in this capsule in the imperial spaceship, so he is slowly could be corrupted by the amount of dark side users hanging around 24/7. Also, apparently this counter acts like a shop, where everyone can pay some money to have their personal corruption directed at Yoda.

Emperor Palpatine arrives, in a deformed version of the Darth Vader mask for some reason. He checks an officer and then checks Yoda, to see how much corruption he has. After that Palps goes into adjacent cell, which contains capsule with Obi-Wan. There is no counter, but few officers guarding him. Palps tries to see if Obi-Wan is corrupted sufficiently and creates illusion of Qui Gon, who talks to Obi-Wan about how Dark side is better. Obi-wan tries to escape anyway, but he is captured and put back to the capsule.

Then Palps, removes the mask (his face is glowing with a blue light) makes a small incoherent speech (I don't remember specifics, but I think it was some crazy rambling anyway). Then the dream is interrupted with a message that Galactic Empire has started a war with...Ukraine (!!). Epic battle scenes of spaceships shooting at each other ensues.

Back to the counter, there is a some suspicious officer walking around. After few passes in front of the counter he calls for support and suddenly a lot of hidden Light Force users appear (apparently they were hiding among bystanders). They break the capsule with Yoda, which is empty for some reason, and break out Obi-Wan. Then with the most OBNOXIOUS dub-step loudly playing in the background, they make it through the mall-ship, scaring and knocking unconscious dark siders and officers trying to stop them.

Reviewer's voice appears and says that movie is bad and full of retcons, after which we change to the next scene.

I am on the frozen planet, with a dark forest in the background. 10-year old Han and Luke watching small bon fire. Han has dried out spider near him and tiny Chewbacca. I think, "**** another retcon, when do they stop?". Luke says that they need to hurry back home. Han hesitates, since he doesn't like going home or something. Scene ends.

Part 3 - Trainyard of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!
While on the frozen planet, I am thinking that I want to see some other dream. I try to find one, but accidentally (at least I felt it was an accident) I "download" wrong dream about nightmarish and abandoned trainyard, where some unknown evil force terrorizes people. I don't remember, if I have seen this one before, though it feels familiar, so probably it is a dream from my past.

I end up in the final sequence of the dream, where I am near warehouse. To finish the dream I must enter warehouse nearby, where I would be attacked by some unknown force. But I don't want to! So I try to will dream to change and trying to switch it to some other dream (for some reason I was trying to change it to schematic plan of the city, like you can see in Google Maps). It works, but only momentarily.

I've decided that in order to finish the dream I will go to the "beginning" of it. However, while I was walking through the abandoned railways tracks, I hear a train making a loud "TOOT" noise. People, who were standing nearby start to scatter. They run into their houses or whichever structures are nearby. I understand, from their rushed explanations, that incoming train will kill them somehow.

I hide behind the warehouse and see train which slowly, as if searching for something, passes on tracks like 10 meters away from me. I think, that I am in safety, since train wouldn't be able to go backwards and behind the warehouse, but then I understand, that, no, it will find me.

Scared, I woke up.


And that's it. It is just an example of what my mind can conjure when I am sleeping. The whole experience can be unpleasant, but most of the time it is downright bizarre and strange. Also, I've never seen Rise of the Skywalker in my life.

Have a nice dreams!
Now with 200,1% more poison!

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The Pandemic Triangle

- Voyagers Final Mission begins next STar Trek Saga...

admiral Janeway takes her ship out on a last shakedown cruise with her old crew. but a mysterious probe shows up, with messages from five species voyager visited on it's DQ journey. preceding this visit, is Q...Janeway's godson. He decides to help her with a challenge the probe presents. 5 species are dying of a disease caused by Voyagers Visit. it's planet wide. and there is a time limit to each disease. if voyager fails to cure it, the entire planet dies. the probe contains please for help. and Voyager decides to go out and create the 'Pan Galactic Alliance'. one final push of the Federation into other territories.

Time marches on. adventure after adventures, but sadly voyager fails it's mission each time. as does the new Q, who tries to help without doing all the work for Voyager. When all is said and done....Voyager returns home, onnly to find out the entire thing was a setup by the real Q. First, as a test of h is sons abilities to follow the rules. second, as a test to see if Voyager lost it's nerve after surviving the impossible. and if Humanity was content to stay at home.

Q leaves happy, knowing his son and humanity passed the test. he leaves with one final word 'Iexpect great things of you, in a few centuries..' 'then we better get started'. Janeway decides to contact these species for real, and use the new technology given to her to truly create the pan galactic alliance.

thus starts the new star trek series. oy..
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