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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
It reminds me of the Burger King Heroes In A Half Shell TMNT Rad Badge from early 1990. The face Leonardo makes is almost the same one from the 1990 BK Kids Meal toy.
still pretty cool lookin

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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
The oldest Millennials that weren’t Shellheads ditched all things Turtles (including the pudding pies) for SNES and Sega Genesis late in the fall of 1991. I think that could be why only the Hostess TMNT Pudding Pies regular stickers, SOTO stickers, and holographic stickers (in the order they were released) existed.

My cousin had a holographic Leonardo in September of 1991. In October of ‘91, I believe these were gone from grocery stores, bodegas, and delis.
Good theories for sure! The TMNT craze did settle down in 1992-1993.

But the truth is, Hostess only planned to release these for 20 weeks beginning in February of 1991. Some bakeries kept producing them due to the crazy high sales they generated. And while they did plan to include the holograms with the pies, they never actually did it. Instead, the holograms were packaged with Hostess Brownie Bites and then the rest were sold to vending machines. It seems that the cardboard backing of the holograms wouldn’t have worked with the pie icing. That’s why the other two sets of pie premiums were rubbery/plastic. Icing and grease wouldn’t ruin them.
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this things is terribly hard to come across
this Is one of my grail items
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