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Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
I didn't assign any particular voice to Toad Baron in my first read-through, but the second for some reason has him with Mark Hamill's Joker/Trickster voice. The Trickster's just a teensy bit more sophisticated, so I'd go with that.

I'll also second the Labyrinth vibes (not familiar with The Dark Crystal), as well as Pan's Labyrinth. Especially when they're following the toad in the hallway. Seriously, the whole thing would feel right at home in a del Toro movie.

Where is this "Family of the Parliament" thing mentioned? I went over the issue again trying to find it, figured maybe I'd missed something, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
i heard a well-spoken sophisticated voice for Toad Baron as well.
Mark Hamill would be a great fit actually!

if you enjoyed Labyrinth i highly recommend seeing The Dark Crystal


"Family of the Parliament" is just what i called them. i think they are just called 'the Parliament', but being that they are family members...
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