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I grew up with the show too, I remember watching "Lone Raph and Cub" every day when I got home from school on channel 22. I also remember playing TMNT 2 with my my dad and watching one of the mouser episodes in a cartridge for my Gameboy Advanced. I also had the sewer lair a tons of figures, I really miss those days.
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Originally Posted by Zany Orange Dude View Post
I was 8 years old when it aired. I saw pieces of the show, but did not start watching it until I was around 10 when it came on after Sonic X (that was the show I was obsessed with at the time). For whatever reason, I tuned in for almost all of the Fast Forward arc though.
Holy sh*t. I did not expect to see a recent post from you.
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If you have to explain why a joke isn't funny to you, then your ass is salty.

It's not out where you are? Too bad, no one cares about you.
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