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It's nice to see Nintendo doing so well again though it sucks that they're doing the minimum and barely addressing the issues they've had for years with the new system so I doubt they'll learn anything from the Wii U failure.

Any predictions for E3? I'm expecting a rather boring Nintendo conference, it'll be cool but no earth shattering announcements, basically the best scenario I can hope for is that all the rumors for the Switch announcement will finally be announced and shown they were real. But there's no way they'll be announcing big stuff when they have Mario Odyssey and they don't want to take the spotlight out of their big holiday title.

The surprises will include Rabbids + Mario, and other smaller stuff that we don't know about, what we can hope for is maybe the rumored Smash Switch port and Pokemon Stars. I'm guessing there'll be a big title for the 3DS line for the holidays and of course Animal Crossing mobile,

Sadly we won't get much news about the online, VC, apps and other issues that people have with the switch. They've never really used E3 for those in recent years, they'll leave those for a direct down the line.
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I feel like there's got to be a Metroid announcement. With no Wii U game, my hope is that they held it back when they realize they couldn't save the console. I'm not even a Metroid fan, I'm just tired of hearing people talk about it. I have to think there's at least one big game they've saved for E3.

Same thing for Animal Crossing, except I want that.

Everyone talks about Pokémon Stars, but I just can't imagine The Pokémon Company not putting that game on 3DS. Too much money.
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