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There's even a comic book event coming out this summer called "Death of the Inhumans"
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Andrew NDB
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Might as well call it "Disney's 'Boy We're glad we're about to get the X-Men back!"
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Would things have gone different if Disney hadn't made the Spider-Man deal? I'm guessing even before the possibility of buying Fox they already had some type of deal in place as many were already speculating a long time before the Fox deal leaked out.

They had clearly positioned Inhumans as the next X-Men and were going to get a movie. It wasn't until the things I mentioned above that the movie got delayed and then downgraded to a tv show. Could Marvel have actually made it work?

I never liked the Inhumans but the Marvel brand has been so strong and made Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Guardians among others into household names so It would've been interesting to see.
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Mad Scientist
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At the upside we might finally get more good X-Men movies than two.
Now with 150% more poison!
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