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I Crave Pizza No More
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Originally Posted by ***First of Two Latin Kings*** View Post
I had to have Storage Shell Michelangelo. He stood out to me in the commercial more than any of the others and Raphael was my favorite. The sickle really hooked me.
The artwork on the storage shell packages is awesome. I love the figures' expressions, too.
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D Piddy 1982
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Sometimes I would buy a figure just because of their accessories.

I got both Sgt Bananas and Napoleon Bonafrog because of Larry the Lemur and Flyboy!

There were other accessories with other figures as well but can't recall them right now.
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Triceraton and Super Shredder are my fave figures; Technodrome is my fave base/vehicle

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I guess my favourites are the only ones I've kept: Raph, Usagi, Triceraton and Sumo Raph (that thing's awesome!).
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Undercover Donatello. I love his hat.
Also Sewer Samurai Leonardo, he looks like a cooler version of the TMNT 3 figure.
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I always loved the original Baxter Stockman figure, and the packaging art was awesome too. Another really cool one was Shogun Triceraton.
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