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How many episodes would a "proper" adaptation be?

I was thinking. If they were to make a "proper" adaptation of the Mirage studios comics, how many episodes would that be? That is to say, upholding these requirements:
  • Close enough to think it's beat for beat the same story first time watching.
  • No major alterations in the name of keeping it a kids' show.
  • Minimal amounts of filler, what's there is just to make sure the episodes hit the 20 minute mark.

And for the sake of simplicity, let's just make it the 51 canon issues before volume 2. Non-Guest issues, Tales Volume 1 and the Micros including Fugitoid, that's what I had in mind. Other stories can be used for filler scenes but not individual episodes. Because trying to figure out how 200+ issues and a bunch of bonus stories all fit into one cohesive series is a little too much.
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2-3 episodes per comic from the original release
I know many middle issues were filler but I still think those deserve an episode a piece
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