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Not to mention the story is being told from Donatello's perspective 90% of the time, so he wouldn't have known Kleve wanted to release Ch'rell. And thus he wouldn't have known the full scale of his plans for Ma'riell's assassination. So it makes sense wouldn't get across within the story.

He had also left in the middle of Kleve preparing to launch his "she's not our rightful leader" monologue, so he wouldn't have gotten a clue on the desire for Ch'rell to lead. And even if he picked up on that, it might have taken him a moment to remember the sibling connection. The boy's smart, but he's not a supercomputer and he's already fried his brain on enough as it was . (I do think he would absolutely rat out Kleve to Ch'rell, though. "Hey, I know we're gearing up to be enemies, but Kleve orchestrated an assassination of your sister, so do with that as you will.")

I can say though that the differences between Honeycutt bringing out the Utroms with the turtles, and Kleve bringing out Ch'rell, are almost kind of funny. Honeycutt practically pampered the first release with evaporating the Ooze, and putting them in a state where they would actually be sleeping and wake up on their own accord in beds...and then Kleve had Ch'rell dropped with all the inelegance of a newborn giraffe .
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