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Is the Rise tmnt comic over

I am trying to figure out if the rise tmnt comic is over or not. I know they are coming out with a third trade paperback and it's being advertised as 3 out of 3. I am kinda hoping not since the villains are growing on me. #manbun4life
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The only Rise book I can find on DCBS for this month's order is called "Rise of TMNT: Sound Off", and it looks like it's only a 3-issue mini-series. Additionally, it says that this was "relisted" so maybe it was late or behind?

Rise of TMNT: Sound Off at DCBS

It also looks like issue #5 of the "ongoing" series has a planned release date of February, so unless the book is late, then you might be able to assume that it's cancelled with issue #5 because there should actually already be a solicit for issue 7 or 8 by now.

So it looks like when the dust settles there will have been the 3-issue Sound Off mini-series, and six issues of an "ongoing" (LOL!) Rise series, #'s 0 - 5.
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The last issue of Sound Off came out a few months ago and #5 of the “ongoing” came out well before that. I’m guessing that’s all she wrote for Rise in comics until we find out if the show itself is cancelled or not.
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