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DVD Reminder and New 80's Animation Magazine!

Just a reminder that the newest DVD volume of the original TMNT cartoon series comes out on March 13 (although it seems that some people have already been lucky enough to find it in stores now). It's a 5-disc set that spans the entire 4th season, so it's a can't miss for fans of the original series!

Also, if you're interested not only in the original TMNT series but also in other cartoons of its era, you may want to check out "cereal:geek," a new quarterly fan magazine dedicated exclusively to 1980's animation! Each 100-page glossy magazine will include articles, illustrations, scripts, interviews and more about your favorite 80's cartoons! The first issue will include some interesting TMNT content, including "illustrations by professional comic artists along with in-depth look at the intro sequence." For more information on the magazine (including ordering information and page previews), visit

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I was just about to make a post about cereal:geek when I spotted this! I got it in the post yesterday, and oh my! what a wealth of articles, pictures, etc. Its awesome. There's a Shredder pinup and a Krang pinup both by Andie Tong; a breakdown of the TMNT cartoon intro; Tranformers, MOTU, Ghostbusters and many more articles and pinups. Well worth the price of the mag!!
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original TMNT art collection
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Unfortenly canada is left out on the original tmnt dvds again!
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