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Weed of Crime
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I'm not watching any shows, but I am listening to the old popular Radio show of 'The Shadow'

This is my favorite episode:

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Mad Scientist
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Just finished watching Marianne on Netflix, though there is a lot of horror around now this show still managed to pull off a level of creepy.
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I Married a Duck!
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Currently watching The Boys and Carnival Row on Prime, and the new seasons of 911, The Resident, and The Masked Singer on Fox. That's pretty much it. Might start Good Omens once I finish the current eps of The Boys and CR. Looks interesting.

I do still want to finish Ash vs Evil Dead and Lucifer, but since they moved to Netflix, that has proven- problematic. May hunt down the dvd/br of the seasons I've missed.
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Mad Scientist
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TMNT 2003
Batman: TAS
Mr Mercedes

I’m only about halfway through TAS and watching the episodes in volume order, though it may already be my favourite version of Batman. The show didn’t really click with me until recently, as the tone and animation style took a while to get used to. It’s hard to get into something new or should I say old as one gets older anyway.

I remember little about the series from my childhood (I was 7 at the time it first aired and it hasn’t been shown on Irish tv since the late 90s). I didn’t know what was going on in the episodes back then. I just watched it because the intro looked badass, though I knew it seemed more serious than other cartoons, so it’s like watching a different show as an adult. It’s episodic format is refreshing in this day and age with most shows being heavily serialized.
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Mad Scientist
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I've been throwing on a lot of animation for background noise - FW TMNT, Batman TAS & The Real Ghostbusters. But the only show I've been truly "watching" has been Queen of the South.

Once The Orville reappears I'll watch that, and of course Star Trek Picard whenever that shows up.
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Old 10-20-2019, 05:38 AM   #86
Foot Elite
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Watching season 3 of Rugrats and season 1 of Avatar the last Airbender.
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