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Need some help regarding international shipping.


My name is Ken Ove and I`m living in Norway. I want to send out some letters to the US for some autograph requests. I do have to include a self adressed stamped envelope but you cant buy stamps in Norway that are valid in the US.

So I have checked out something called "Forever stamps" or something like that. Are these things still valid for international shipping? And I read somewhere that these stamps are for letters weighing no more than 1 oz. The letters I am about to ship out is somewhere around 3 oz. Can I just apply some more of these stamps? If so, how many?

Are there some other solution to my problem than the "Forever stamps"?

I have tried to google this but I find the US postal service a bit hard to understand. All your help is much appreciated
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Most of what you say is correct. Each forever stamp is worth whatever the current first class postage rate is, at this moment that's 55 cents by the looks of it. Yes they are valid for international shipping. All you need to do is work out how much your return envelope is going to weigh, find out how much that will cost to post from the US to Norway, then apply that many stamps to the envelope to cover the cost.

So if the return letter will cost $4 to ship back to you, then you can put 8 forever stamps on it, and it will be fine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A trick that when you think about it, is obvious, but can be overlooked... put YOUR address as the sender on the return envelope! So even if something happens to the front, or there's not enough postage, it will still be returned back to you eventually due to the sender address heh.
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Candy Kappa
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Also, keep in mind when sending Norwegian post. keep your letter under 35.3cm long and 25cm wide, or else it's going as price table 3 (same as letter thicker then 7cm)

a letter to the US under 2cm thick, within 35.3x25cm and under 100g is 39,- NOK instead of 135,- NOK (if your letter is 2-7cm thick it'll be 85,- NOK)
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Thank you both
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Hamato Yoshi
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A large envelope with a photo (no cardboard) US-Norway is about 2$
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