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Alter Nation

Even after ROTTMNT "rots" on shelves and Sonic has only gotten started up again thanks to Mania, not to mention Goojitzu's lack of future-proofing, where else do we get our action-anthro kicks, toy-wise?

Say hello to Alter Nation by Panda Mony:

It's an all new, all-original series of detailed action figures in the vein of TMNT and it's ilk. The series centers on a bio-engineering program on an obscure island off the coast of California, where the last holdout of an abandoned bionics program seeks a bloody revenge on a special ops team that are each a mix of several beasts. Unlike ROTTMNT, the different size classes actually mean something here, with larger characters being deluxe figures.
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I've watched Pixel Dan's review of this toy line yesterday. They really look great, I love the funny design and how every character looks different and special. As a kid this probably would have been my favorite toy line!
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Wow, those look really neat. It would be cool if they were a widespread success... The only toyline I know of that's popped for kids in however long is Fortnite. It'd be cool to see an original property and marketing push do well again.
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