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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Yes, here we are... RIP, Star Trek.
Originally Posted by dl316bh View Post
I take it you're not a fan of the reboot films?
F*** no. I mean, it's hard to say Star Trek 2009 wasn't entertaining... but to paraphrase Padme, it's like... "So this is how Star Trek dies... to thunderous applause?"

That that sort of... "take" on Star Trek has carried over into the TV universe now, too... despicable. I can't spit enough venom or hurl enough bad vibes at it. It's quintessentially the antithesis of Star Trek on almost every level. Not even the component atoms bare any resemblance to "real Trek." It's a hollow and completely transparent re-appropriation of a brand to sell it to the lowest common denominator.

I thought the first was okay and Into Darkness kind of dumb, but I really enjoyed Beyond.
"Into Darkness" exposed how threadbare their "plan" and "new vision" for Trek really was. "Beyond" was OK for what it was, but after "Into Darkness" nobody cared so nobody saw it.
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