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Nortock Diab
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As many of you Return to New York (TMNT vol.1 #19-21) is a no-brainer.
To this arc I include Tales of the TMNT vol.2 #70 which I particularly enjoyed.

I also love Leatherhead issues by Berger such as TMNT vol.1 #45 and Tales of the TMNT vol.2 #23

Donatello Micro-Series one-shot is a true favourite of mine : "Life at best is bitter-sweet" is the essence of Mirage.

It naturally leads to the Donnie story in Plastron Café #1 .
On overall I am absolutely found of the Mirage future era.

Over than Mirage:
- TMNT Adventures #23 (1st appearance of Slash )
- Archie Mighty Mutanimals storyline (and a preference for #9 with Slash)
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Foot Elite
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Just one? Oh, man... It's hard to pinpoint a single favorite issue from my perennial childhood favorite, TMNT Adventures. On nostalgia alone, it's a toss-up between #6, #13, #25 and #29.

My favorite issue of IDW TMNT is definitely #40, though. No doubt about it.
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Future Shark Trilogy.
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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
was the Rat King in #33? i always though his first appearance was in issue #36.

good choice on the Mirage. it's always hard for me to pick favorites in that series.
Good catch it is issue #36 for Rat King
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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Good catch it is issue #36 for Rat King
no prob! that's actually one of the issues among my favorites that i've reread many times.
even hunted down most of the variants for.
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archie, comic, dreamwave, idw, mirage

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