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Candy Kappa
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TMNT and making art
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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
My interest in TMNT comes and goes. It never fully goes away. It's always there, buried deep in the back of my mind.

I honestly think, at this point, that I'll like the Turtles forever. Even if the property died out in the next few years or something, I'd always have enough stuff to go back to in case I'd need yet another nostalgia fix.
I'll like the OLD stuff forever.

I find with the new stuff, now that it's owned by a big souless corporation, I can finally have the freedom to pick and choose what I like.

that, combined with the endless reboots, and it's easier to fade away. you can only see the same things redone so many times before it looses effect.

when it was owned by laird and eastman, I found I liked far more than I disliked. and was willing to give new things a chance more. because it was coming from the source, with heart. with next mutation and some of the odd music videos being obvious dislike examples.

If you told me ten years ago, that I would finally start to stop caring about new tmnt, i would have thought you nuts. .
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Eastman/Laird barely had anything to do with past TMNT incarnations outside PL overseeing the 2k3 series scripts, so I don't see what difference it makes.

The vast majority of Mirage comics aren't even written by Peter and especially Kevin. They barely had any influence on the original cartoon after the first season and nothing for 90% of it after. The whole Archie run was basically handled by Steve Murphy. The 2k3 series did have PL oversee the scripts but Lloyd Goldfine and the 4kids writers still did their own thing with it and changed tons of stuff from Mirage and introduced new characters.

So I don't see what Nick owning TMNT now makes a difference. When TMNT was owned by Mirage it was basically on deaths door for most of the mid/late 2000's anyway.
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Mad Scientist
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TMNT. Like CyberCubed, everything else came later.
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