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I was looking for information about the first Lionsgate OT DVD and found the forums.

In fact that lionsgate DVD revived my interest in the turtles, I was a teenager and had stopped liking the turtles many years before that but I was old enough that when walking through Walmart and finding that DVD tickled all the right nostalgia feathers and I became obsessed with the turtles. I might not have registered until the second DVD came out a year later though but that's when I originally found the drome forums.
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Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
Googling for information about TMNT some weeks before Christmas 2003. TMNT for me back then was just a memory, consisting of

*Some videotapes of the 1987-1996 series.

*TMNT Adventures comic books and storybooks

*Action figures
It was kind of like a distant childhood for me as well until around 2003. I had watched reruns of the FW series and played the TMNT NES game as a kid back in 1996-1998 or so. Then never caught anything Turtles again on TV until I saw that the FW series was rerunning again on TV around 2003. That's truly when I became a huge TMNT fan.
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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
Was looking for some information related to Ninja Turtles back in 2003 in Internet Cafe. Found Ninja and Technodrome Forums.
Found in 2003. What had you waiting until 2012 to join?
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