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Studio Plants, Myth or Fact?

here's a question...

Do you think Studio Plants exist?

Or are people who actually work for the studios usually just condescending jerks to regular forum members when they newly sign up to a place?

in some of the places i visit, i've found the people with hollywood connections, that ARE proven and known, usually tend to be very confrontational and sometimes insulting toward different viewpoints than theirs, and it usually doesn't take much to set 'em off either.

Other times, users appear only in one thread and don't post elsewhere, and then vanish once that movie or tv show is gone, not really hiding their tracks very well, leaving only a mystery as to why they even bothered.

this is one thing andrew and i tend to agree on (and it feels weird doing so ;o)) .... studio plants, I feel, ARE very real. Although when they arn't nice and supportive and ignoring of stuff they feel that goes against what they are there trying to promote, i sometimes wonder what the studio gets out of it if they cause a disruptive promotion on the forums end?

to me, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, even if the connection to hollywood is only suspected, not proven..and i have no doubt official people just browse forums all the time without folks even knowing too. hello peter and kevin, just in case ;o).

Thoughts, opinions? Deceleration of troll for your hollywood masters? ;o)
I'll take 'em all ;o)
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