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"Fist Daggers"

(inb4 phrasing/that's what she said)

A'ight, so many of the original line's action figures came with two of what Playmates called "fist daggers", or when given to a turtle, "Turtle Fist Daggers".

I didn't know what either was back then, but after growing up and learning more about weapons, I realized one was straight up a katar. Weird for an Indian weapon to be given to so many ninja, but Foot Ninja had them in the comics, so whatever.

The other thing, I still can't really identify to this day. It's like... three spikes on a bar. That's it. There doesn't seem to be any real way to hold something like that, the figures just had the ability to put the bar in their hand, but that seems awkward AF. I think it was Cartwheelin' Don had something similar, but it actually had a looping handle that was way bigger than any of the spikes.

I would not say I'm an expert, but I have read up on weapons a lot over my years. I'm more versed in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean weapons than anything else, but I do have some study on others. I'd like to know just what the hell these other "Fist Daggers" are supposed to be. It's kinda been one of those things that drives me nuts every time I think about it.
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Was this an accessory for action figures or one of the role-play toys for kids?

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As a kid, I always just thought they were half eaten pizza slices.

I think they might have been going for climbing claws. Those did appear in early comics and based on the way the turtles hold them, this would make sense. I have also seen TV programs dealing with "ninja" weapons that went over such climbing claws and pointed out that they were also a decent defensive weapon in a pinch and may explain the concept of stopping a sword with "bare" hands.

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Transformerland lists them as the small fist dagger and the large fist dagger. TMNTToys and Figure Realm has them as turtle fist daggers. I’ve never seen them go by any different name.
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Old 11-24-2020, 02:37 PM   #5
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The larger ones are based on katals or katars. The smaller ones looked more like climbing claws to me but are maybe based on small push daggers?
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accessories, fist daggers, fisting, toys, weapons

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