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Old 10-30-2019, 06:21 PM   #1
The Deadman
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Candy Corn; does it deserve the hate?

I honestly don't understand the hate for this on social media. It's everyone's most hated Halloween candy for some reason and some flavors are actually good, like caramel apple. Discuss!

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Salami Origami
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I don't get it myself, I love candy corn so much. My local dollar store has started to carry other holiday specific versions of it, & I buy it then, too. Around Easter we get a pastel colored variety, for example. It's got a great texture, cute look, & just the right level of sweet honey flavor. I even enjoy when other treats are based on it, like Russel Stover's candy corn cream-filled chocolates, or new variations on the classic such as Sour Patch Kids' version that featured grape & orange flavors covered in sugar crystals.

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Old 10-30-2019, 11:20 PM   #3
Team Blue Boy
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Eh, I like Candy Corn okay, but it's not a favorite and a few pieces tend to be enough for me. It's more just fun and traditional. It's to Halloween and fall as jelly beans are to Easter. You can't do away with that kind of thing.

edit: Okay... crazy little factoid I just learned.

They were not the original inventors of it, but the company to pick up the recipe and popularize it was...Jelly Belly. Back at the end of the 1800s. But back then they were known as the Goelitz Confectionery Company and they called it "Chicken Feed" (because corn wasn't considered people food yet).

Name change aside, I'd have never guessed Jelly Belly has been around that long, let alone were behind Candy Corn being such a common staple and on of the symbols of Halloween and the season.

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Old 10-31-2019, 12:08 AM   #4
god status
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Nah, I like it just fine.Can't eat too much of it though. Memes pop up and everybody has to agree with them usually. .

Peeps on the other hand...
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Rat-faced Dude-guy
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I like candy corn alright. I can't understand any of the food based hate, like pineapple on a pizza. I don't like it personally but to each their own..

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Old 10-31-2019, 12:18 AM   #6
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I do not like candy corn. Consider my dislike more left over for those of you who do like it.
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Old 10-31-2019, 12:25 AM   #7
Big Blue Boy Scout
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I'm not super active mainstream social media so I haven't seen Candy Corn hate.

Sugary stuff on general tends to have a rep for being "childish" though, and I don't like that.
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Old 10-31-2019, 01:00 AM   #8
Andrew NDB
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I don't eat any candy. Only gummi bears, if someone puts them in front of me.
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A Crusty Bob Fan
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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Peeps on the other hand...
You talking smack about my Peeps?

I get it - they're an acquired taste. The chocolate mocha, orange cream and peppermint Peeps.. those are gooood to me.

Back to the candy corn: I grew to like them as an adult, but I disliked them as a kid.
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Old 10-31-2019, 01:39 AM   #10
Foot Elite
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I like candy corn alright but I can see why some don’t.

Love gummy bears and gummies in general. Love Peeps too. This one I don’t understand because it’s sugar coated marshmallow. How is that gross?

I like pretty much any kind of candy except cinnamon flavored. I like cinnamon cookies and stuff just not cinnamon candy.
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Old 10-31-2019, 02:08 AM   #11
Mad Scientist
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Candy corn caused me to hurl when I tried it.
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Old 10-31-2019, 03:33 AM   #12
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It’s pure evil.
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Old 10-31-2019, 09:10 AM   #13
Storm Eagle
Saved by
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No hate towards candy corn from me, but I prefer chocolate, or fruit-flavored candies such as Skittles.
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I Married a Duck!
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I am not a candy snob, I will gnash most anything sweet if in the mood, though anything chocolate or sour gummies are my Kryptonite. But hate on candy corn, or Peeps? Never!!

Not a huge fan of any kind of taffy or toffee, however (though I will eat the fruit flavored stuff occasionally). Also caramel is just a bit TOO sweet for my taste, but not disliked completely. Unlike most folks, I actually kind of like black licorice, at least in small amounts.
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Old 10-31-2019, 08:23 PM   #15
Hamato Yoshi
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In Norway we have some orange drops (so called "kamferdrops") , only old people eat them and Im sure candy corn taste better
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Old 11-01-2019, 01:28 AM   #16
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I actually like it, but I don’t remember it being handed out as frequently as it was promoted in advertisements and such when I was a kid.
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Old 11-09-2019, 12:25 AM   #17
Resident overthinker
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They just...taste like vanilla? Which is okay?
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