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Technodrome Remix issue 2

We did it once, we can do it again. This time I purpose we have a little bit more freedom. Instead of just doing our renditions of panels, lets do our rendition of the whole page.

The things we have to keep are the settings and story. The story will not be altered in any way.

Cover: Powder
page1: Samhain ***DONE***
page2: Rooish ***DONE***
page3: Rooish ***DONE***
page4: Raven ***DONE***
page5: Sliced
page6:CaseyJonesFan ***DONE***
page7: Mikeyangelo
page8: buffy ***DONE***
page9:RadRaphRed ***DONE***
page10:Coola Yagami
page11: masterturk ***DONE***
page12:Ulisses31 ***DONE***
page14: Oldmanwinters ***DONE***
page15: Koschei ***DONE***
page16: MasterSplinter ***DONE***
page17: Oldmanwinters***DONE***
page18: Machias Banshee ***DONE***
page19: marcelangelo ***DONE***
page20: buffy
page21: Mikeyangelo
page22: MasterSplinter ***DONE***
page23: leotmnt
page24: Shuriken ***DONE***
page25: cartoonistaaron***DONE***
page26:CaseyJonesFan ***DONE***
page27:Nelson ***DONE***
page28: Lordmylar06 ***DONE***
page29: Sliced ***DONE***
page30: marcelangelo ***DONE***
page31: Donnie ***DONE***
page32: psyrusly ***DONE***
page33: Azrael ***DONE***
page34: Demon Alucard
page35: Demon Alucard
page36 Raven ***DONE***
Page37: Azrael ***DONE***

PAGE SIZE NEEDS TO BE 1500x2250 300dpi

First come, First serve.

send completed pages to mastersplinter's email If you would like your real name included on the project credit list please also send that over. If you do not want to include your real name then don't send it

Creator of The Death Poppets

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