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True, Launchpad had issues in the original.

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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
What is the method people are viewing this show, is cable tv with Disney XD the only option?
Full episode for free on Disney XD's YouTube channel

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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
Full episode for free on Disney XD's YouTube channel

Thanks!!! I will definitely be looking to YouTube more often now for these episodes.
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Heh, it's Gizmoduck the live-action "movie"!

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It only took 30 years
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Before the release:
I never watched it as a kid, and only binged it late in high school because I had been catching up on what I missed with Darkwing Duck. Not sure about the adult voices or David Tennant as Scrooge.

After the release:

The voices have grown on me, especially Scrooge. And the humor is on the same level as on Gravity Falls and Star Vs. Especially in the inflection of the way lines are spoken. Which can even be read with the Headless ManHorse.
"A head! I'm no longer a freak! Thank you!"
And everything Launchpad says. "Yes sir, random kid I just met!"

This is kind of my ideal on how a modern TMNT following the FW series footsteps should be. Taking itself a little more seriously while also embracing the silliness of the original.

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cucktales, woo-hoo!

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