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British Bloke
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Question Shurikens and Stars

What do you guys do with yours?

I've never really found much play value with these. They are so small and easily lost, but I try to keep them with the rest the excess items some TMNT figs come with.

Most of the TMNT 2012 figs so far come equipped with a pair of throwing star variants. Wondering what I can do with them.
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Candy Kappa
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I only have Shuriken from the vintage line, those are snuggly in place on the weapons racks that came with the turtles. And Mikey's Shuriken from NECA, they are displayed with my Buff The Vampire Slayer Library set among other items.

I really like the diversity of the shuriken we get from the nick line, but sadly none of the are "real" shuriken shaped (like a huge and thick needle) Which I would love to have.
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Hench Mutant
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When I was younger, they all accumulated at the bottom of my toybox. All my turtles are now MIA unfortunately and until the Nick turtles, the only ones I had were NECA. With those, I had Donnie posed with the throwing knives between his fingers and the others were scattered on the bases. Now that I have these new turtles, I imagine they'll end up in a box somewhere. I don't really see any good posing opportunities with the stars and whatnot. Plus, I plan on playing with these guys a lot more than the NECA ones since this line has plans to go on for a while.
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Teenager w/ Attitude
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The only accessory I have ever used besides the signature weapons was the bigger of the two fist daggers that came with the original '88 Turtles. I used it for Raphael, basically just because for some reason he had that slot for it in the back of his belt. I used to call it his "lucky dagger" and when (during the most intense playtime battles with my foot figures) he ever lost his sais, he'd pull it out and go to town on whichever plastic 5 inch foes were dumb enough to oppose him. In fact, lemme just check something...

Yes, 20 some years later, as that figure now sits proudly on my desk at work, he still has the Lucky dagger in place!

”Um, you haven’t by chance seen a morphological being lurking around here, have you?”
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Random Punk
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What is the smaller pouch in '88 Donatello's belt?
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accessories, shurikens, stars, toys, weapons

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