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The Great Saiyaman
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My parody/salute to George Michael.

Okay, where do I begin with this one? It was when my best friend and I went to Amsterdam in 2018. I noticed that he wore loafers but no socks, and I made a remark about it. At which he began to sing George Michael's "I want your sex" as "I want your socks."

We were laughing so hard about it that I decided that I should do something with that. And so, I got out my copy of "Faith" studied the track and recorded my own version. It took me many hours recording all the parts myself, but if you want to make a joke funny, you really have to put in some effort.

The Instruments used were an acoustic bass guitar, a Yamaha PSR 1700 Keyboard for the synth bass, pan flute solo and the drum sounds, the guitar was my Squier 1989 Stratocaster "the veteran"

So, recently I found this image generator which makes funny drawings according to whatever you describe. And I figured to make a Music Video using the images made from the lyrics. I'm a big fan of Weird Al Yancovic, and I know that HE always works out every detail in order to get his parodies right.

Of course, the song doesn't belong to me and I hope the estate of George Michael doesn't mind me having made this funny parody, which also was meant as a respectful salute.
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