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Music you like that you find disturbing

The rap music thread made me think about how we sometimes like something but (or maybe because) it makes us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it‘s the lyrics, sometimes it‘s something about the music. Two examples come to my mind:

I first listened to it when I was a teen and coming from a strict Christian household, the way the lyrics glorify drug use but at the same time the music makes you feel like you‘re in hell was deeply disturbing to me. Still one of favourite tracks of them.

This is famous German Punkrock-band „Die Ärzte“ (The Doctors), who are about as big as Rammstein here and who are known for their crass humorous lyrics. The video includes their most controversial song „Geschwisterliebe“ (translates to „siblings in love“, starts at about 2:30) which is about a guy who dreams of banging his teen sister and finally succeeds in the end. The lyrics are just juvenile nonsense but the chord progression makes it sound like a sad love song and that makes it SUPER creepy.

Do you have examples of songs that have a similar effect on you?
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