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The Deadman
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Would you go on a game show?

And provided you were selected, which game show would you go on? I'd like to go on the Price is Right to play Plinko, as that's my favorite game on that show lol. Also Wheel of Fortune, I feel like it's easy money to be won on that show.

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The Party Dudette
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Me if I go on a game show:

Totally Interstellar
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Mad Scientist
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Yes, it would be fun to be on a game show, whether I win anything or not. It would've been a lot more fun to be on one while any of my favorite hosts were still hosting it, before they all retired or passed, but at least with a couple of them I got to do the next best thing, watch them at the show in person in the studio audience. Any show would work, The Price Is Right, Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud (if I could get some family to join), $100000 Pyramid, Press Your Luck, etc.

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Definitely I love gameshows.

I’ve thought for awhile now I’d be really good at Family Feud. Not because I’m super smart but because the answers are pretty easy to come up with.

However sometimes bottom survey answers are complete bull. They’re things only 2 or 3 people said and are usually sarcastic joke answers that nobody would seriously guess. I assume they survey more than 100 people on a given question (they should). Get rid of those smart@$$ answers and swap them with legitimate ones.

I will say though that currently with Steve Harvey as the host everything is in the form of sex questions. I like him but it wasn’t that way when he started. They clearly started doing it on purpose so people give dirty answers and he can make jokes. It’s completely unnatural. I stopped watching.

I’d love to be on the current Press Your Luck. If you make it to the bonus round you’re almost guaranteed to win a good amount of money...although there was one person who won nothing in either round. He only made it to bonus round by default and then got Whammys. I felt so bad for him. He seemed like really nice guy. The probability of this was almost zero.

I’ve always loved Deal or No Deal too. The current DOND Island is so stupid though but I’ve already watched all the episodes so I gotta see how it ends

Seriously though. I don’t know why anyone would wanna be on this version. You’re only playing for the chance to play the final game...that you could still lose cause it’s still just picking cases. There’s no reason for anyone to genuinely care. Everyone except maybe 2 people acts like a jerk and tries manipulating everyone else. I wonder if it’s partially scripted for dramatic effect. The whole thing is so stupid.
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