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Old 04-15-2024, 09:31 AM   #1
The Deadman
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Would you work at a theme park?

While watching a Disney livestream yesterday, I noticed the cast members standing at the front of the queues to get into lines for the rides and thought to myself....hmm, that's a good job for me. All I have to do is stand there and make sure they're getting in the right line lol. Easy money!

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Old 04-15-2024, 09:50 AM   #2
The Party Dudette
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No. Definitely not.

You’re forced to deal with the worst of humanity on a daily basis. Screaming unruly kids, confused foreigners who don’t understand English, entitled Karens, dunderheaded rednecks, etc. I work at a restaurant so I already deal with all of that, but working at a theme park, that’s like times 10. My nerves wouldn’t be able to handle that.
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Old 04-15-2024, 02:29 PM   #3
Team Blue Boy
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Probably not, no.

Standing/sitting around ushering humans through lines all day might look like pretty easy work...if you luck out with an indoor ride. Because I would not want that job in humid 90°F weather in August and I feel bad for those people.

And that's not even with dealing with the various intolerable behavior Cowabung-Gal mentions, day in and day out.
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Old 04-15-2024, 06:16 PM   #4
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Disney is infamous for paying minimum wage for all of their park jobs. And you are naive to think they are just standing there doing nothing.

That said, I have low-key been considering such a job as a retirement job. But that would also require moving near a park. That's like 20+ years away, though.
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Old 04-15-2024, 07:17 PM   #5
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The only people who work at Disney are either late teens/young 20 year olds who need a job before they get their first big job, or old seniors/retired people. You never see anyone 25-40+ working there unless they're just desperate for a job. They also get paid minimum wage so you're not making nothing.
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