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Sibling and/or friend childhood memories you still laugh over?

Thought I'd ask if anyone has any good ones after this came back to mind again.

Was my birthday, I was probably an early teen and family was over. My parents had one of those big ol' home video cameras sitting on a tripod recording. My sister embarrassed herself by having one of those audible fart moments in a room full of people.

Later, after everyone had left, our mom told her that if need be she'd erase that part of the tape. Mom popped the tape into the VCR and I remember commenting that it may not even be necessary to erase it, that it's doubtful the camera even picked it up. My sister and the camera were on complete opposite sides across the room and, unlike me the only quiet person, most family members are rather loud talkers, so everyone in the room was sitting around yacking away between her and the camera, likely obscuring any such unintended sounds.

LOUDEST damn thing on that tape.

Louder than I recalled in person and somehow clear as day despite, and over top of, all the other noise. I don't recall how hard I tried to stifle my laughter, if I even tried, because that was impossible.

My sister would kill me if she knew I STILL die laughing about this 30+ years later, still mentally hearing it on that tape. Though it's at the camera's fine work of capturing it, not at her expense.
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When my stepbrother Josh and I were little kids, our parents took us to Silver Dollar City and naturally we wanted to swim in their pool because you know, little kids are attracted to pools like how moths are attracted to light. Unfortunately, Josh suddenly got a bad case of diarrhea while we were playing in the water and needless to say, things got real messy.

Yeah, I know, that’s more gross than funny. But here comes the part that makes us laugh to this day. Later that night at the motel, we brought up the accident at the pool while we were reminiscing our entire day at the park. Suddenly Josh and I started laughing really hard over it, and we probably laughed for 10 solid minutes. Our mom finally got mad and told us to zip it, and we did…for about 5 seconds. Then Josh, being the troublemaker that he was, made this sound with his mouth:

Annnnd we go back to laughing again. Soon even our mom joined in on the laughter, which really annoyed my stepdad. I’ll never forget that night when we had a bad case of the giggles.
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When I was about maybe 11 or so, we had this cute Sheltie mix named Sammy. One day, I think it was a weekend, my parents were outside finishing yard work while my brother and I were indoors. My brother went upstairs to his room, leaving me downstairs alone with Sammy.

I was ready to rest my feet from helping outside and watch some TV, when out of nowhere I heard this gravely noise behind me that went something like, "Ayyyyyy-yeowwwwwww!"

I whipped around upon hearing such a thing and saw Sammy with her jaw agape and half of her face curled up in a snarl. It was a burp. That sound came outta her. When she finished, she licked her chops and looked at me with that, "What?" look all dogs give their owners.

I laughed pretty hard at the whole thing: the noise, the fact that it came from the dog, and her face afterwards. Then I laughed harder when she started wagging her tail at the sound of my laughter.

I later told my family about this and brought it up any time Sammy would burp. She never made a sound like that ever for the rest of her life and I was the only one who had that moment with her. It was great. And loud, too. Plus, it happened in the kitchen so the acoustics were amazing.

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