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Exclamation david arshawsky Vintage Original TMNT Toy art collection Find.

I have been selling vintage toys,collectibles for many years now and recently I ran in to david arshawsky's son. He had a couple old TMNT and Toxic Crusaders studio copies from the late 80's-early 90's from when his father designed action figures and toys for playmates toys. I quickly jumped on them and figured i would ask if he had more and would be willing to sell. I wasn't expecting him to say yes but he eventually replied yes to my surprise.

After some chatting back and fourth he tells me he has a bunch of ORIGINAL drawings and copies from the TMNT,Toxic crusaders,skeletal warriors ,Mcdonalds,Monster squad,Star Trek and more......

so he starts sending me some pictures.Luckily I had a little cash saved up and he was in need of some as many of us are atm. Long story short I purchased them.

I ended up purchasing 2 groups of items. the first group contained 42 drawings and 20 prints. In that group there were 30 TMNT original drawings, 12 Toxic crusader drawings and a few star trek original drawings/production pieces along with the 20 studio copies being a mix of tmnt/toxic.

He contacted me a month later saying he was interested in getting rid of more so I of course said yes. that group contained 47 original drawings/sketches and 30 or so prints. Mainly a mix of skeletal warriors,toxic crusaders,a little TMNT, X-Men movie sketches (the first movie) ,earthworm jim, Mcdonalds toys,looney toons, and more. Also included was a letter from David telling a little story of his time working on these series and they are in fact authentic.

a couple pieces out of the lot just to name a some: late 80's Bebop Mohawk weapon accessories (unproduced set), Sewer exploration set accessories (produced), crawling splinter (produced), tons of weapons and accessories and figures both produced and unproduced .

I am bored as we all are so I thought i would let you guys know the stuff can be found. If anyone is interested in stuff like this message me. I can send you some pics. Really cool stuff.

here are just a couple pics..
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Hey, cool, I'm a fan of Arashawsky's pioneering TMNT work as well! I'll DM you!

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I'm selling some of my hard-to-find TMNT items!
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