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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Okay I just read all of Hotel Oblivion that's out so far and... yeah, it's still pretty confusing. They just keep biting off more to chew instead of swallowing anything; posing more questions and answering next to none. I'm enjoying it mildly, but I need some answers in the final issue. This is definitely the weakest volume of the series so far.

I am highly intrigued as to Ben's ghost though, and what the deal with that is. Did Gerard plant that idea in the showrunners' heads, to foreshadow what would happen in the comics? Or did they come up with the idea on their own and then he decided to use it in the comics?

Also... are we going to meet some of the children who Hargreeves didn't find and adopt?? It certainly seems that way to me!
Pretty sure Gerard Way only came back to Umbrella Academy because Netflix wanted to adapt it. And I'd bet Netflix came up with the idea of Ben's ghost, not Way.
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