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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Which is dumb, if that was the thought. It wouldn't be like Donatello would be given a different workout regimen than his brothers by Splinter.
I agree but from what I remember reading the idea was that Donnie spent more time messing with technology and less time training than others. Funny thing is Corey Feldmans voice plus his general portrayal didn't sell that idea at all

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Saw the trailer a couple of days ago. The Batman animation looks fine but the TMNT designs leave a lot to be desired. I mean what the hell happened to Don? Did he get his face squashed between subway carriage doors or something?!

I personally wasn't asking for TMNT to meet Batman. Can't wait for TMNT meets WWE next...

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. And the simplest explanation is, "TMNT fans on FB are generally way too excited by simplistic, mediocre fan-wank, and also quite often ain't great wit' da book learnin'."

The TMNT fans with the absolute highest-level intelligence all post in this place, and let's be honest, collectively this fandom is a pretty "C+" kinda group. And that's generally thanks to a select number of "A+ Students" who skew the curve upwards.

The fact that they get so hard for stories that read/play like a little kid narrating his action figure wars kinda says it all, don't ya think?

"An' THEN, an' then ALL the Turtles and ALL the Robins all teamed up with Batman an' like, TOTALLY beat up like a BAZILLION Foot Soldiers and like ALL Batman's bad guys too, and THEN they all teamed up and fought Darth Vader and all the Star Wars guys! PEW PEW, KABOOOOOOOOM!!! AWESOME!!!!"
It's okay man, it's okay man (pats Leo's shoulder).

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's like, is Darth Vader's helmet a design flaw because we can't see the emotions on his face? No, that's stupid. He's scarier because we can't see that.
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